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Coating Thickness Gauge Uee923

Coating Thickness Gauge Uee923


Functions & Features          
●High quality and precision   
●Software for PC connection and data transmission, analysis, and printing measurement reports.
●With built-in thermal printer. Width of printer paper: 56.5±0.5mm.
●Rechargeable Li-ion battery, available for 10 hours working continuously.
●Large memory to save 4 types of materials and 1560 testing values.
●3 ways for easy Calibration: by one specimen, two specimens or five specimens to finish calibration.
●Five statistics: Average, Max, Min, Testing times, Standard deviation.
●Standard delivery with 5 calibration specimens (48.5m、99.8m、249m、513m、1024m)
●3 years warranty and life-long services


Measuring Materials            
●Magnetic Induction (Fe): Measuring the thickness of Non-magnetic coating on magnetic metal substrate, such as aluminum, chromium, copper, zinc, rubber, paint on the base of steel, iron, alloy and magnetic steel . 

●Eddy Current (NFe): Measuring the thickness of Non-conductive coating on non-magnetic metal substrate, such as rubber, plastic, paint, oxide on the base of aluminum, copper, zinc, tin.                            


Technical Parameters      


PC Software                                


5 Calibration specimens